We know high-quality relationships with your customers fuel your business.

As the world is slowly adapting to the use of renewable energy, it is more important than ever for utility companies to build long lasting relationships with customers. The cost savings we provide to our customers allows them to invest in an infrastructure that has the potential to expand production and transition to renewable. We understand our clients’ goals and our unique solutions aim to deliver improved results.

Customer Relationship Management

  • We understand the pressure your industry faces as well as the frustration of customers when their services don’t work as well as anticipated.
  • Acting as your primary contact center, we answer inbound calls and make outbound calls to inform customers of service disruptions or changes.

State-of-the-Art Tech & Reporting Billing & Lifecycle Management

  • Omni-channel solutions allow your digital savvy clients to get in touch or check in via any device or channel.
  • Resolve issues quickly over the phone or through another method of contact (e.g. field team)

Emergency & Disaster Management

  • Designed to effectively manage large call volumes in the face of a natural disaster
  • EmpireOne GS teams are trained to keep your customers calm.
  • Forecast high-impact areas in preparation for greater customer call volume and need.
  • Generate data to advise you where the largest impacts are based on interactions we’ve had.