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Understand Your Key Performance Indicators

Our periodic reporting tools give your decision makers the ability to manage and monitor the contact centre's performance. Close the gap between your company and customers.

Dealer/Supplier Administration & Management

  • Manage national or local-level administration and contact support operations.
  • Set appointments, communicate critical information to your clients, and manage inbound and outbound calls with the help of our customer service experts.
  • Build quality relationships with your customers and clients

Technical Support

  • Trained agents improve fix rates at the first point of contact.
  • Customers can access manuals, OEM product information, data libraries, and product specs, improving satisfaction.
  • State-of-the-art reporting and analytic mechanisms detect early warnings of design and engineering flaws.

Product & Warranty Assistance

  • Customer service experts provide assistance to manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and vehicle owners with warranty repair or online order questions.
  • Process requests while performing legitimacy audits to reduce fraud and minimize costs.
  • Contact centre works with your operations department to improve the speed and quality of support provided.

Recall Management

  • Customer service experts act on recall notices by communicating to customers via email, snail-mail, or out-bound calls as per directive
  • Contact centre handle full life-cycle of recall management from first notice to vehicle repair, collection, or payment/reimbursement processing.
  • Customer service experts assist customers to action on recall, ensuring satisfaction in ease-of-process and end-result.

Communications & Media

Pinpoint customer trends and insights through high-quality customer service

EmpireOne GS will help you build consumer loyalty, providing analytics and data for additional insight around your communication strategy. Our low-effort customer service strategies are guaranteed to deliver consistent quality while improving brand value and reducing customer turnover.

Customer Service

  • A wide array of omni channel options such as live chat, social media engagement, or phone support to your customers.
  • All customer service expert interactions performed through our contact centre will demonstrate the care and commitment you have toward your audience.

Billing & Subscription Management

  • End-to-end order support
  • Billing assistance
  • Subscription management: technical support, retention, and cancellations
  • Cross-selling services such as paper-to-digital upgrades or bundled services

Customer Insights & Reporting

  • Identify trends, product weakness, or service improvements through reporting
  • BPO allows you to gain insights around common customer complaints or product or service comments


Keep data safe while providing effective customer service.

Whether it’s strict regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, privacy protection, or cost reduction, EmpireOne GS manages challenges while mitigating exposure and risk. Our highly trained customer service experts deal with thousands of these interactions each month with the ultimate goal of improving customer experience while minimizing your costs.

Transactional Banking & Consumer Compliance

  • Provide quick resolution to customers/clients regarding any problem or concern
  • Our customer servicers provide support for transactional banking services such as card activation, payment processing, payment reminders, credit card processing, and billing inquiries.
  • Contact centre provides back-end office support mechanisms to keep information safe and secure.

Accounts Receivable, Collection & Debt Management

  • Debt collections and management services allow you to continue to promote positive relations and reduce collection times.
  • Increase debt collection rate by placing calls when we are likely to reach someone
  • Boost recovery rates by fostering a cooperative relationship with debtors
  • Our professional accounts receivable management allows you to focus on your core business functions while maintaining confidence in your credit policies.

Loyalty Programs & Sales

  • Inbound and outbound contact centre services provide support for your loyalty rewards programs, or any unique promotions you cater.
  • Our flexible team cross-sells services to existing customers for products like investment planning, mortgages, insurance, new cards, or lines of credit while making phone reach-outs and scheduling appointments for potential leads.


Provide patients and members with fast, reliable customer care.

An aging global population prompts the same challenge to medical practitioners, health insurance providers, medical supply/pharmaceutical distributors and retail pharmacies: how do we manage rising costs but deliver exceptional patient care? EmpireOne GS is committed to working with healthcare partners to deliver exceptional patient care. We are HIPPA compliant and each of our solutions is built to consider existing resource allocation, staffing shortages, revenue cycles and administrative support all with making the patient experience and satisfaction the priority.

Customer Service: Patient & Member Care

  • Manage inbound and outbound calls to schedule appointments or answer general inquiries.
  • Contact patients based on their preferred method of communication.
  • Improve patient satisfaction through a proactive outreach approach.

Technical Support & Device Aid

  • Technical support for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of medical equipment.
  • Help users maximize the value of your products.
  • Increase quality assurance through monthly analytics and reporting.

Administration and Management: Back-office Support

  • Back-office support systems are designed to simplify your practice and increase your revenue.
  • Our contact centre provides office support solutions such as filing, organizing and the retrieving of information that will help to enhance your operations.


Stay on top of industry trends while effectively serving your policyholders.

The ever-evolving insurance industry requires adequate resources to manage and facilitate change. EmpireOne GS’ engineered low-effort process is specifically designed to reduce stress and business costs. We want each of your policyholders to remain loyal as they grow and stay satisfied after each interaction.

Claims Management

  • Full support throughout the full lifecycle of a claim for both commercial and private clients.
  • Effective management prevents claims overpayment, improves customer satisfaction, and creates greater cost savings from the first notice of loss to closing.
  • Support solutions are tailored to fit your business goals.

Underwriting & Sales

  • Gain deeper insights into customer preference and policy flaws.
  • Improve back-office sales by delivering through a variety of channels, which will make the insurance purchasing process significantly easier for potential leads and clients.

IT & Digital Media Management

  • Multi-suite options enable you to conveniently manage your core IT infrastructure through access to state-of-the-art technology.
  • Our technology seamlessly integrates into your sales and support processes.

Manufacturing, Transportation, and Logistics

Partner with us as a global leader in unmatched customer service.

Some of the world’s most successful FORTUNE 500 companies use business process outsourcing to efficiently manage their transportation and logistics capabilities. Our PCI-compliant experts will design and create a solution to lower costs and improve efficiency through 24/7 worldwide support. EmpireOne GS is a global leader in providing unmatched customer service to logistics, transportation, suppliers, cargo, road and rail operators.

Contact Centre Services

  • Our customer service experts provide assistance to suppliers, customers, and transportation teams.
  • Manage driver records, log-sheets, and vehicle maintenance to enhance compliance and usage efficiency.
  • Omni-channel and RFA capability allow us to provide contact centre through various devices across multiple time zones and languages.

IT Strategies, Analytics & Data

  • Dispatch to drivers and operators in multiple languages and across any time zone
  • Manage route options to reduce travel time, enhance fuel efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction using state of the GPS tracking and mapping solutions.
  • Detailed reports and analytics save our clients millions of dollars each year.

Real Estate

Foster customer relationships while generating sales and leads.

Our real estate solutions will turn your challenges into opportunities for growth, regardless of whether you are a lone agent, multinational broker/developer, or property management company. We provide you with the analytic tools and data to help you plan and make decisions with confidence.

Administrative Services: Easy Management

  • An easy-to-manage system regardless of whether you are a realtor, developer, investor, or contractor
  • Our custom BPO solutions seamlessly integrate with your business
  • Virtual assistance: Appointment scheduling, inbound call management (e.g. clients/tenants or investors), and record keeping.

Generate Sales & Leads

  • Omni-channel contact solutions allow us to reach out to your potential customers through various modes of communication so you can target them effectively
  • We provide a team working to increase your revenues while you’re in the field
  • We get you in the door with prospective clients giving you the opportunity to expand and grow

More Tools at Your Fingertips

  • Multiple services and a well-rounded team every business needs
  • A variety of professional services, customized to fit your needs: Accounting, HR services, digital marketing optimization, and more

Retail and E-Commerce

Don’t let bad communication get in the way of selling your product.

EmpireOne GS effectively manages the changing needs of our retail clients by providing a wide array of cost-effective omni-channel solutions. Consumers today are smarter than ever, expecting mobile shopping, personalized service, and effortless interaction. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is a catalyst to meaningful and long-lasting interactions with every customer.

Smart Management

  • Unforgettable end-to-end customer experience.
  • Contact centre services for order management, customer support, and return management.
  • Efficient, highly-flexible teams are designed to manage daily call fluctuations and seasonal changes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Boost Sales & Reduce Costs

  • Inbound and outbound calling.
  • Reach out to new and existing customers.
  • Promote products and services through cross-selling and upgrades.
  • Cost-save through customer service infrastructure and training.

E-Commerce Management

  • Optimize your website for mobile interfaces
  • Assist in shifting retail operations online or update product listings and inventory.


We know your technology inside and out to provide premium tech support.

EmpireOne GS is designed and engineered to focus on technical support, supply change management, relationship management, and contract management. We serve clients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, while providing crucial information about customer sentiment to help you grow.

Customer Service & Tech Support

  • Omni-channel assistance for consumer appliances and electronic devices.
  • Multi-channel support options enable us to minimize product returns while delivering support to customers on virtually any device.
  • Premium customer service to ensure that clients don’t get frustrated with endless call transfers or dead-end answers.

Data & Analytics

  • Intelligent data and analytics solutions provide an opportunity to make product refinements and optimize customer service.
  • Increased and improved customer loyalty through insights.

Product Life Cycle Management & Revenue

  • Subscription and warranty management.
  • Our agents reaching out to businesses or consumers to sell your products or services.
  • Our contact centre solutions ensures exceptional experience in every interaction.

Hospitality and Tourism

We work with you to ensure your customers experience high-quality travel.

The tourism and hospitality industry can be volatile year-after-year, but success can be derived from knowing what your customers want and how to deliver it while remaining cost effective. EmpireOne GS incorporates data, analytics, and periodic reporting to help you understand what your customers value the most. Pro tip; Customers can become agitated and stressed when they are away from home and their plans don’t go as smoothly as they’d like. These testing times are critical in gaining loyalty by delivering unmatched service end-to-end.

Offer Round-the-Clock Service & Support

  • Gain the ability to staff multiple time zones to ensure no customer is left unattended.
  • Customizable travel industry solutions improve operational efficiency and timely delivery while optimizing customer satisfaction.

State-of-the-Art Tech & Reporting

  • Omni-channel solutions allow your digital savvy clients to get in touch or check in via any device or channel.
  • We engage in thousands of customer service interactions in the travel industry each year, helping us to identify key performance metrics you can use to assess areas of your service model that may need refining or tweaking.

Reservations, Ticketing & Back Office

  • Our customer service experts handle reservations and ticketing, accounting, cancellations or refunds, voucher assistance, and claims processing.
  • We partner our support to cruise lines, hotels, airlines, rail companies, and online travel agencies with one or multiple agents.
  • Our systems are engineered to drive down your costs and enhance your customer loyalty.


We know high-quality relationships with your customers fuel your business.

As the world is slowly adapting to the use of renewable energy, it is more important than ever for utility companies to build long lasting relationships with customers. The cost savings we provide to our customers allows them to invest in an infrastructure that has the potential to expand production and transition to renewable. We understand our clients’ goals and our unique solutions aim to deliver improved results.

Customer Relationship Management

  • We understand the pressure your industry faces as well as the frustration of customers when their services don’t work as well as anticipated.
  • Acting as your primary contact center, we answer inbound calls and make outbound calls to inform customers of service disruptions or changes.

State-of-the-Art Tech & Reporting Billing & Lifecycle Management

  • By choosing us, you reduce call wait time by providing adequate staffing.
  • Resolve issues quickly over the phone or through another method of contact (e.g. field team)

Emergency & Disaster Management

  • Designed to effectively manage large call volumes in the face of a natural disaster
  • EmpireOne GS teams are trained to keep your customers calm.
  • Forecast high-impact areas in preparation for greater customer call volume and need.
  • Generate data to advise you where the largest impacts are based on interactions we’ve had.


We allow you to focus on the fundraising you’re passionate about.

When you’re passionate about a cause, the last thing you want to do is tear yourself away from making a difference to do administrative work. That’s why we deliver a solution that will lower your administrative costs while increasing your fundraising efforts.

Multi-Dimensional & Versatile

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community Services & Education
  • Environmental Protection
  • Human Right & Animal Welfare
  • Local & International Disaster Recovery
  • Political & Religious causes

Infinite Possibilities

  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Human resources
  • Payroll
  • Digital marketing
  • Careers

Boost Donations and Reduce Pushback

  • Customer service experts manage phone campaigns and solicit donations
  • Our low-effort, no-pressure approach reduces pushback from prospective donors