Hospitality and Tourism

We work with you to ensure your customers experience high-quality travel.

The tourism and hospitality industry can be volatile year-after-year, but success can be derived from knowing what your customers want and how to deliver it while remaining cost effective. EmpireOne GS incorporates data, analytics, and periodic reporting to help you understand what your customers value the most. Pro tip; Customers can become agitated and stressed when they are away from home and their plans don’t go as smoothly as they’d like. These testing times are critical in gaining loyalty by delivering unmatched service end-to-end.

Offer Round-the-Clock Service & Support

  • Gain the ability to staff multiple time zones to ensure no customer is left unattended.
  • Customizable travel industry solutions improve operational efficiency and timely delivery while optimizing customer satisfaction.

State-of-the-Art Tech & Reporting

  • Omni-channel solutions allow your digital savvy clients to get in touch or check in via any device or channel.
  • We engage in thousands of customer service interactions in the travel industry each year, helping us to identify key performance metrics you can use to assess areas of your service model that may need refining or tweaking.

Reservations, Ticketing & Back Office

  • Our customer service experts handle reservations and ticketing, accounting, cancellations or refunds, voucher assistance, and claims processing.
  • We partner our support to cruise lines, hotels, airlines, rail companies, and online travel agencies with one or multiple agents.
  • Our systems are engineered to drive down your costs and enhance your customer loyalty.