Keep data safe while providing effective customer service.

Whether it’s strict regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, privacy protection, or cost reduction, EmpireOne GS manages challenges while mitigating exposure and risk. Our highly trained customer service experts deal with thousands of these interactions each month with the ultimate goal of improving customer experience while minimizing your costs.

Transactional Banking & Consumer Compliance

  • Provide quick resolution to customers/clients regarding any problem or concern.
  • Our customer servicers provide support for transactional banking services such as card activation, payment processing, payment reminders, credit card processing, and billing inquiries.
  • Contact centre provides back-end office support mechanisms to keep information safe and secure.

Accounts Receivable, Collection & Debt Management

  • Debt collections and management services allow you to continue to promote positive relations and reduce collection times.
  • Increase debt collection rate by placing calls when we are likely to reach someone.
  • Boost recovery rates by fostering a cooperative relationship with debtors.
  • Our professional accounts receivable management allows you to focus on your core business functions while maintaining confidence in your credit policies.

Loyalty Programs & Sales

  • Inbound and outbound contact centre services provide support for your loyalty rewards programs, or any unique promotions you cater.
  • Our flexible team cross-sells services to existing customers for products like investment planning, mortgages, insurance, new cards, or lines of credit while making phone reach-outs and scheduling appointments for potential leads.