Understand Your Key Performance Indicators

Our periodic reporting tools give your decision makers the ability to manage and monitor the contact centre's performance. Close the gap between your company and customers.

Dealer/Supplier Administration & Management

  • Manage national or local-level admi4istration and contact support operations.
  • Manage national or local-level administration and contact support operations.
  • Build quality relationships with your customers and clients.

Technical Support

  • Trained agents improve fix rates at the first point of contact.
  • Customers can access manuals, OEM product information, data libraries, and product specs, improving satisfaction.
  • State-of-the-art reporting and analytic mechanisms detect early warnings of design and engineering flaws.
  • We reward ourselves with fun...lots of it!!!

Product & Warranty Assistance

  • Customer service experts provide assistance to manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and vehicle owners with warranty repair or online order questions.
  • Process requests while performing legitimacy audits to reduce fraud and minimize costs.
  • Contact centre works with your operations department to improve the speed and quality of support provided.

Recall Management

  • We strive to keep our people happy in a healthy work environment.
  • Contact centre handle full life-cycle of recall management from first notice to vehicle repair, collection, or payment/reimbursement processing.
  • Customer service experts assist customers to action on recall, ensuring satisfaction in ease-of-process and end-result.