What are Liquid Expectations, and How to Meet Them

The idea of liquid expectations best reflects how individuals create and change their concept of a positive customer experience in an increasingly digital world.

Building a customer experience that keeps up with your market and ensures your company maintains its competitiveness requires an understanding of the factors that influence your audience’s preconceptions.

What are Liquid Expectations?

The concept of liquid expectations relates to the belief that customer experiences are fluid spanning industries and that you will have a great and seamless experience every time you interact with a product or service. Consumers are put off by complicated, time-consuming, unclear, or unattractive digital experiences. And they’ll probably forever link that visceral response to the brand.

How to meet your customers’ expectations

The techniques listed below can help you understand your consumers’ expectations and bridge the gap between their demands and your company’s requirements.

Learn about your customers.

Finding out who your customers are clearly is the first step in meeting their expectations. You must provide more details than just the bare minimum in terms of gender, age, and location.

Market research is the best technique to discover more about your customers. You might speak with a mix of current and potential customers to learn more about how they discovered you, what issues you can help them with, and why they chose you over your rivals. Their responses might help you gain a better understanding of what your target audience is looking for when researching your organization, so you can ensure you’re offering just that.

2. Ensure you are contacting the appropriate buyers.

Once you’ve conducted your market research, you’ll be in a better position to comprehend your target customers’ needs and interests as well as how to best approach them.

Consider, for instance, that you are an accounting software provider with business owners as your target market. Following an analysis of your client base, you discover that customers from mid-sized enterprises are more likely than those from small businesses and enterprise-sized organizations to upgrade to your premium plan and stick with your product for a longer period of time. They even desire real-time customer service, and if it isn’t offered promptly, they might stop using the service. When making important business decisions, these signals assist you in giving priority to these high-value clients.

3. Look for fresh ways to exceed client expectations.

Focus on discovering fresh ways to address their demands once you’ve determined who your most valued customer base is.

Suppose you’ve discovered that your mid-size business clients place a high priority on the need to increase process efficiency in order to save time. You can include new features or modify the current user experience. You can check in with your clients again after making any modifications to determine if the adjustments helped them with their task or if they met their expectations. These kinds of customer encounters will make them feel valued, and they’ll probably keep doing business with you.

4. Establish clear expectations for your team members.

Your support team has a significant impact on whether or not your business achieves customer expectations because they are the team that engages with customers the most.

First, you should create objectives for crucial support metrics including first call resolution rate, mean resolution time, and first response time. These are the most straightforward metrics to track and evaluate, and they can help you set specific team benchmarks.

After that, establish standards for answering particular questions. Make a list of the most typical queries and complaints from clients, and decide on suitable answers for.

Ensure you are contacting the appropriate buyers

5. Create a culture that is customer-focused

Many businesses assign their support teams the primary job of managing customer satisfaction, but this shouldn’t be the case. That’s because each employee’s contributions ultimately affect how your consumers are treated. Creating a customer-centric culture is the greatest method to guarantee that your company’s customer service experience meets customer expectations.

Whether a developer is creating new features or a marketer is coming up with new campaigns, encourage every staff to keep the needs of your consumers at the forefront of every decision. This will increase the likelihood that everything your business performs will satisfy and even exceed the expectations of the end user.

each. You will be able to offer each customer a consistent level of customer service in this way.

6. Regularly get customer feedback.

Gathering client feedback on a frequent basis will provide you the best indication of whether your attempts to satisfy consumer expectations are succeeding.

You can better understand the quality of experience your brand offers by asking the proper questions. 


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