Record Management Tools

Industries are producing data at a breakneck pace and have no intentions of slowing down any time soon. Only 10% of the data that an organization produces has lasting value, according to studies. The vast amounts of data that are still present are irrelevant. It takes proper planning and management to narrow down a massive data stockpile to only the most important and meaningful information. Exactly at this point are records management tools useful. It aids all commercial organizations in achieving their objectives.

The continuity and timely completion of your project are further ensured by EmpireOne Global Solutions‘ in-depth expertise to significantly increase document management services in line with shifting requirements. You can learn a lot about the various facets of records management from this article on “Records Management Tools.” You will also discover the best records management tools available and how they can help you. Let’s get going.

What is Records Management?

It is in charge of developing and maintaining a system and is also referred to as records information management. Throughout a company’s entire lifecycle, this system effectively handles all records. From the creation of a record to its destruction, records management handles it all. It includes everything that is material to a business transaction.

Any information that is used in business transactions or kept as proof can be found in a record. So, it could consist of financial statements from the company, emails, final reports, budget documents, field mission maps, etc.

Let’s quickly review the best record management tools.

Best Record Management Tools

It is nearly impossible to flip through the pages of thousands of files. And for this reason, the majority of businesses choose digital solutions to run their daily operations. The best record-management tools for automating and streamlining your company’s operations are listed below.


Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations can use the invoice automation services offered by complete records management. It can effectively assist you in resolving any record-related document-driven processes. Microsoft Dynamics and Sage Intact ERPs are both integrated with PaperSave. It aids in the process of managing and tracking a substantial gift agreement contract.


A single browser-based application houses the wide spectrum of integrated document management functionality offered by ICM’s enterprise solution. It aids in dynamically organizing and managing the delivery of documents. Additionally, it aids in the interactive management of all business processes.

You can store and manage your business operations using ViewCenter while also purposefully streamlining them. Furthermore, you can effectively share these stored documents with customers, clients, and other parties. Single-user software is heavily utilized in this tool for document management features.

1. Infolinx

For the management of both digital and physical records, this simple solution was created. It effectively assists in managing a company’s entire records life cycle, from paper records to digital files. You can start over with Infolinx’s brand-new approach to document management.

2. Document Locator

This records management tool was expertly created by ColumbiaSoft and was created with Microsoft Windows in mind. It has paperless scanning, email management, version control, and document workflow built right into Office and Windows Explorer. It also includes a complete set of many extra document control features.

3. Rubex

The document creation, categorization, generation, and storage capabilities of this records management tool are derived from eFileCabinet. Using keywords to search effectively and to share them is very simple. It includes a variety of security tools you can use both internally and externally. Additionally, it provides information to those who have been given access to the files.

4. FileHold

This is a robust document management program with user-friendly features. A million or more documents can be managed simultaneously by this client-server system. FileHold can also keep any files that are still directly linked to Microsoft SharePoint. It includes a cutting-edge scanning tool that can convert paper documents from cabinets and boxes into digital data. Additionally, it is set up so that you can quickly search for the file you want.

5. OpenKM

With OpenKM, businesses can collect, preserve, manage, and store content. There are both paid and free versions available, and it offers both local and cloud-based software.

All authorized users have access to this tool, which fosters collaboration and establishes consistent workflows. You can check who worked on a document by using the check-in and check-out options. You can also find out who made the most recent changes.

6. CobbleStone Contract Insight

An effective next-generation solution for intentional content management is offered by this business contract management software. Your contracts, risk paperwork, obligation records, etc. are all automated and centrally stored. 

Through document management and version tracking, you can even maximize your ROI. Additionally, there are features for tracking requests that facilitate staff members and updated contracts. Additionally, it will make data collection more efficient and direct approvals to the right point of contact.

7. ViewCenter

A single browser-based application houses the whole spectrum of integrated document management features provided by ICM’s business solution. It aids in dynamically arranging and managing the delivery of documents. Additionally, it aids in the interactive management of all corporate operations.

You may save and manage your business processes using ViewCenter while also purposefully streamlining them. Additionally, you can effectively disseminate these stored papers to clients, customers, and other parties. 


In this cutthroat business environment, organizations must have an effective records management strategy. As a result, EmpireOne Global Solutions continuously gathers essential company information to assure top-notch management. All business-related documents, such as bills, receipts, invoices, etc., are likewise protected by our strict security, confidentiality, and safe storage policies. 

We commit to provide all businesses with automated, adaptable, and cost-effective records management services. In order to complete the full record management cycle, our professionals offer end-to-end tactical and strategic services. Contact us for more information.