Workers who are engaged are different from those who are actively disengaged. These workers are eager to go above and beyond, are passionate about what they do, and have a strong sense of loyalty to their employers. They are the ones who will spur innovation and advance your company.

On the other hand, employees who are actively disengaged are not just unhappy at work, but also act out their unhappiness. They consume management’s time and drive customers away. Actively disengaged workers will attempt to disrupt anything that engaged workers accomplish.

If you actually want to improve employee engagement, concentrate on changes that will last. Give managers and leadership the time and resources they need to implement the necessary changes by prioritizing engagement. For instance,  If your engagement strategy calls for monthly one-on-one meetings with staff members, you must make sure managers have clear instructions, realistic expectations, and enough time to complete the work.

In light of this, here are five ways to improve employee engagement in your organization. 

1. Assess employee engagement

If you don’t know where to start, you can’t improve employee engagement. Because of this, it’s crucial to assess the level of engagement in your company right now.

To learn how your team feels, identify areas for improvement, and establish a baseline for the future. It is easier and more effective to gather data through a survey. You can either create a unique, pertinent, and useful survey just for your company or you can use one that is already available online. This is to know how far apart your company is from employee engagement.

EmpireOne Global Solutions runs monthly surveys. We are receptive to employee feedback. With this, retention rates increase, absenteeism decreases, productivity increases, customer service improves, and employee morale rises. Employees can get the impression that their opinions are valued just by the fact that the company is conducting a survey.

2. Put a purpose behind work

When you are unclear about the purpose of your work or how it relates to the overall mission of the business, it is challenging to be deeply engaged in it. A study by LinkedIn found that 73 percent of purpose-oriented employees are content with their professions. You can improve employee engagement by tying your employees’ routine duties to a bigger corporate or even global purpose.

The majority of workers are eager to start a new job. They might, however, lose sight of the reasons they were thrilled to join your team as time goes on. Even if you can’t give an employee a reason to be motivated, you can develop projects or programs that encourage them to rediscover their passion and sense of purpose. At EmpireOne Global Solutions, we allow our employees to take different roles to find their purpose, encouraging them to develop multiple skills so as to develop solid confidence in their career.

Nurture personal relationships

3. Employee’s well-being should be prioritized

One of the most neglected aspects of employee engagement is wellbeing, both physical and mental. In fact, a research found that only 62 percent of workers believe their jobs have a favorable impact on their physical health. Others blame their stress and worry on the unfavorable environment at work.

Therefore, it is crucial for your company to regularly monitor the wellbeing of its employees. Does your business support a good work-life balance? Do you advocate for a psychologically safe workplace? Does the culture of your business foster a friendly environment based on trust? Do your staff members have access to wholesome food at the office? Employee engagement will be greatly increased by answering these important questions and putting measures in place that promote employee wellbeing.

Our organization prioritizes employees’ well being above all else, as we understand they are one of the major driving forces of the organization. 

Simple strategies to encourage employee wellbeing include enabling access to meditation classes, sponsoring exercise classes, providing fitness subsidies, promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and fitness seminars, and encouraging staff to take time off for self-care.

4. Nurture personal relationships

Encouraging strong interpersonal relationships among coworkers is one of the best ways to improve employee engagement in your company. This fosters a healthy corporate culture. 

A good employer will constantly provide opportunities for workers to form good friendships. It’s crucial to encourage a positive, participatory environment where individuals can get to know one another. This will create room for a united workforce and employees that look out for each other as they equally protect the interests of the company.

It can be as easy as putting on a game night, organizing a potluck, or even preparing a quick team-building exercise in between meetings.

5. Encourage a grateful attitude 

Encouragement, appreciation, and recognition are great ways to improve employee engagement. Appreciation and acknowledgement of efforts made can have a profound effect on staff’s morale. 

Employee engagement can be improved by putting in place procedures, tools, or programs that make it simple for staff members to recognize the contributions of their coworkers. Supervisors, managers, and boards of directors should encourage the efforts of workers. It could be as simple as a round of applause, a gift, or even a promotion. Just paying the salary of your workers is not enough. One good turn deserves another. A happy employee will do more. 

Our culture at EmpireOne gives solid attention to encouraging employees. We use different means to reward great work and to encourage others to follow suit.


If employees genuinely are a company’s most valuable asset, leaders and managers must prioritize their well-being. Businesses have great potential to change their employees’ work experiences so that they are inspired, enabling them to give their all every day.

While following the tips in this article to improve employee engagement is key, don’t forget about your customers either. One of the major problems customers face and which leads to most of them not coming back, is customer service. At EmpireOne Global Solutions, we have put in place measures to help your customers navigate through their complaints and requests and get the issues tackled. We understand how important customer service is in today’s world. As a result, we provide our customers with a diverse range of customizable, scalable, and flexible contact center options designed to meet the needs of any organization. 

We will sit down with you to understand your company and customer needs inside-out. Contact us today to get started on your journey to offering the best customer service using the best omni channel service.